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George the Fifth no. 2663 at Colwyn BayGeorge the Fifth no.5325George the Fifth no. 5000 at WhitmoreGeorge the Fifth no. 2081 at CreweGeorge the Fifth no. 2495 at KentonGeorge the Fifth as LMS no. 5367 at Lea RoadGeorge the Fifth no. 1417George the Fifth no. 1481 at RhylExperiment no. 2623 at KentonExperiment no. 1498 at StalybridgeExperiment no. 1002 at StalybridgePrince of Wales no. 2198 at CamdenPrince of Wales no. 1373 at Kenton'Chopper' 2-4-2T no. 1444 at London Road'Chopper' 2-4-2T no. 785Webb 2-4-2T no. 1753 at New StreetWebb 2-4-2T as LMS no. 6636 at New StreetWebb 2-4-2T as LMS no. 6699 at BletchleyWebb 2-4-2T as LMS no. 6727 at PenrithWebb 2-4-2T as LMS no. 6734 at Northampton