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Two Steam Cranes recover Fowler TankGoods Train Smash + Recovery train 1911Blaenavon - Tyre Mill SidingBlaenavon - Tyre Mill SidingBlaenavon - Tyre Mill Siding.Tram Inn. A derailed goods train on GWRSteam Crane at Bangor ShedSteam Crane at Bangor ShedNo. 520 'EXPRESS' After the smash 1894No. 1904 'ROB ROY' after an accidentHelsby Junction station. Tank engine derailed.Penrith station central. Collision resultNo. 1794 'Special DX'. Off the railsNo. 2511 After accident #1No. 2511 Being lifted #1No. 2511 Being lifted #2No. 2511 After accident #2Lifting a 'Coal Engine' onto the tracksLNWR breakdown train.No. 1794 Derailed